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The Best of 2023: Thanks to Our Community!

Behind The Scenes

Posted by: DreamOn Studios 3 months ago

2023 was quite a year at DreamOn Studios! Not only was it our first full year in our new studio space, but it was also marked with team growth, planting seeds, exciting new endeavors, and many amazing stories. We have so much to celebrate! 

At the heart of it all is celebrating our community and sharing its incredible stories with world-class excellence. Whether you’re a client, partner, or member of our community, thanks for being part of making this last year so special. 

Check out some of our 2023 highlights!

DreamOn Studios 2023 Highlights

60+ Clients Served 

Includes both nonprofit and for-profit clients, of which 32 were new!

$2M+ Raised for Nonprofits

375+ Videos Created

Top 4 Video Creations of 2023

#1 CASA Cinematic Promo

“My personal favorite video was the cinematic promo we created for CASA,” said Matt Deuel, Executive Producer of DreamOn Studios.

“CASA gave us their thoughts and ideas but then trusted us to run with it. I love how it paints a clear picture of the need in our community while providing a strong call to action for donors and volunteers.”

“One night, we shot a scene in the pouring rain,” Matt continued. “It was dark, cold, and very wet, so we ran around with blankets and umbrellas to cover the equipment. 

“One thing that made it extra special was the chance for my son to be in it. During my favorite scene, police lights bounced off of the rain with the silhouette of my son and the CASA worker in the foreground. It’s my favorite image of the whole year! It felt like movie magic!”

#2 YoutheFan Product Videos

“I love the work that we’re doing with YoutheFan creating product videos,” said Mason Geiger, CEO of DreamOn Studios. “It’s been fun to tell their story. I also just enjoy the energy they have as a company. 

“We have a lot of freedom to get really creative and try new things, which is a testament to their attitude toward innovation as well. Their warehouse and facility feel a bit like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. There’s more innovation happening there in 24 hours than other companies do in a decade, and we love partnering with them to bring their story to life.”

#3 DreamOn Studios Brand Story

Early in the year, we had the opportunity to work with Decoded Strategies to clarify our brand messaging and develop a brand script to showcase who we are and how we serve our clients.

Out of that experience, we created a brand story video that was not just fun to shoot but also brought our team together around the momentum of what we were building together.

#4 Witt Family Hometown Employee Feature Video

For the Witt Family Hometown Stores, we filmed an employee spotlight highlighting how their life changed at the company. What was incredible about the story was hearing the impact it had on other employees. 

During their Christmas party, they had to pause the video for ten minutes while the audience stood and applauded, cheering on their fellow employee and celebrating his life. Knowing we had the chance to be part of this powerful moment was so rewarding!

2 Telly Awards Won

1 Bronze Telly Award for Water for Good

In this feature, we interviewed Pastor Walker, a blind man living in the Central African Republic who now has access to water because of Water for Good’s ministry.

1 Silver Telly Award for Fellowship Missions

In this feature, we follow the story of Fellowship Missions’ two residents, Jean and Lori, and experience a visual representation of their lives from homelessness to hope.

50+ Podcast Episodes Produced (5 Podcast Shows)

With our brand new studio space opening up in 2023, we were excited to introduce video podcasting as a new service to our clients. Some of the podcast shows we were excited to produce this year include Stories That Move, The goodMRKT Podcast, Wired For Growth, Clearly Kosciusko, and Love Fort Wayne.

Top 2 Podcast Memories of 2023

#1 Scott Harrison’s Story on The GoodMRKT Podcast

Having Scott Harrison, founder of Charity Water, call in for the goodMRKT podcast was really exciting for our team!” said Matt.

“What made that episode unique was having Harry Cunningham from goodMRKT in the studio and creating a set to bring in Scott virtually,” Mason continued. “And, of course, Scott’s story is incredible. Just how he’s allowed God to use his story and his past to create something like Charity Water to end the water crisis in our world is truly amazing.”

#2 “Click” Moments in Stories That Move

In addition to helping our clients launch and produce their own podcasts, we also launched our podcast, Stories That Move. What’s been unique about it is the opportunity to sit down and hear others’ stories in an authentic, conversational way.

“We had this moment with Michael Pahl, one of our business coaches and friends, where during a conversation, it just felt like it clicked,” said Mason. “In the middle of the conversation, I saw the heartbeat of our podcast being in the authentic raw conversation. 

“At that moment, I realized this is what it’s all about. It’s seeing that sparkle in their eye whenever you tap into their passion and what gets them up in the morning. It’s about connection, stories, and meeting people where they’re at. I’m excited for more of this kind of storytelling in the new year!”

6 Live & 2 Virtual Events Produced

The live events we were excited to produce this year include Baker Youth Club March Madness, PACKout 2023, The Global Leadership Summit 2023 in Warsaw, Lost Sparrows Trauma Conference, Joe’s Kids Tailgate Auction, and Wildman Employee Celebration.

The virtual events we produced include KREMC and Consolidate Cooperative.

Best Event Production Memory of 2023

Joe’s Kids Tailgate Auction

Joe’s Kid’s Tailgate Auction came with a unique set of challenges due to moving into a new venue location. While it was the right size for their growing audience, the new venue, which serves as an ice rink and farmers market at other times during the year, was not equipped with the audio or visual setup needed to host the auction. But we were up to the challenge! 

We partnered with MOJO Events and worked together to create a successful event where everything looked and sounded great!

“As we played one of the testimonial videos we had produced, I could see out directly into the crowd,” said Matt. “I scanned the room and watched 400 people have a deep emotional response to the story. It was amazing to then see Joe’s Kids raise the most money they’ve ever raised at an auction!” 

“I watched as Michele tried to tally up all of the donations that were coming in,” Mason continued. “She was wide-eyed. They passed their first goal and second goal and just kept going! To be at the event live, see the excitement, and realize, ‘Wow, we pulled it off,’ was really incredible.” 

Read more about the impact and ROI in our Case Study about Joe’s Kids event.

1 New Team Member, 3 New Interns

We were excited to welcome Courtney France to our team as our Client Development Manager and also bring in three new interns, Mia, Layla, and Logan, to add extra fun and service for our clients!

6 Partnership Collaborations & 5+ Subcontractor Relationships 

Our partnerships include the amazing talent at 1Eighty Digital, Mojo, Blue River, Jamie Plack Photography, Blue Note, and Infinity Salon. 

“To serve our clients the best we can, sometimes that means going outside the realms of what we know and partnering with other creative experts with specific skill sets,” said Mason.

“Partnerships have been huge in allowing us to connect clients with the resources and tools to be as successful as possible.”

Top 2 Funniest Memories of 2023

#1 Freezing in May for Our Anniversary

During our second anniversary as a company in May 2023, Mason did a 140-mile bike ride. The only problem was that on May 1st, the weather in Indiana was less than ideal. 

At 34 degrees in the freezing rain, Mason was the coldest he’d ever been! “It was cold enough that the rain felt like razor blades on my face!” said Mason. “I was out there for ten and a half hours and was soaked through by mile 20.”

“At the finish line, Sophie was out there holding the mic overhead and was like, ‘Alright, we’re done! Can we get in the van now?!’”

#2 Our Intern-Produced Video Teaching the Team a Few Things

We loved watching our interns produce this fun video over the summer, showing the lighter side of our team. We also learned a few things about Gen Z lingo along the way!

Favorite Team Memory of 2023: Leveling Up Together

“My favorite team memory was during our first product shoot for YoutheFan,” said Mason.

“We were filming some lifestyle videos and knew we had much to squeeze into one day of shooting, including location changes. It was a huge lift for our team.” 

“Then, the morning we show up to film on location at the beach, the grass is growing through, and the beach needs to be raked! So we were out there mowing, weeding, and raking the beach. We all had blisters before we even started filming! 

“It was a whirlwind day, but I’m so proud of how the team stepped up. We entered a new level of what we were capable of. At the end of the day, we all shared a sense of accomplishment and excitement for having just executed something special and unique.”

Favorite Behind-the-Scenes Memories of 2023: Connection

“I love the conversations after the cameras turn off,” said Mason. “I know that sounds bad coming from someone whose job it is to capture stories, but there is something about these moments with the client that is really special.

“At the end of an interview, clients often have a new sense of courage and confidence that comes with stepping out of their comfort zone and sharing their stories. In some ways, it feels therapeutic, and afterward, we share in that moment of relief, excitement, and new connection. I love those moments of connecting with clients!”

Biggest Learning of 2023: Relationship is Everything 

Our process at DreamOn Studios may be unlike traditional methods of running a business. For us, it’s not about cookie-cutter, pre-planned solutions for every client. 

Rather, we want to build relationships through conversation and understanding our client’s needs and the bigger picture. The relationship is everything.

Our goal is to serve people with what’s best for them. That means sometimes a solution doesn’t include us. Sometimes, it means referring a client to another solution. 

What we’ve discovered this year is that we are more interested in the long game—one that builds a relationship built on the foundation of trust and meeting our clients where they’re at.

Because at the end of the day, we care more about the relationships we build and serving clients well than simply cranking out media.

Ready for All that’s in Store for 2024!

In 2024, we have big dreams for growth. But it’s not just about numbers; it’s about our community and the stories we get to share. 

Whether it’s via podcasts, videos, or social media, we’re ready to dive in, form new partnerships, serve new clients, build relationships, and have a blast along the way. Who’s with us?!