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Your FAQs Answered: A Guide to Video Production with DreamOn Studios


Em Rohrer Posted by: Em Rohrer 5 months ago

At DreamOn Studios, we understand that starting a video production project can raise a lot of questions.

To provide clarity and transparency, we’ve compiled a list of some of the frequently asked questions we receive from our clients and potential clients to guide you through our process.

Whether you’re curious about our services, pricing, timelines, or the creative aspects of video production, you’ll find answers here to help you start your journey with confidence!

What services does your video production company offer? 

DreamOn Studios offers video production services with a story-based approach to draw in your audience and move them toward action. Our work is focused in nine different categories, including:

  • Company Story: Introduce the heart of your business or promote a client’s experience with your brand.
  • Training Series: Equip your staff and new hires with training that prepares them for success.
  • Learning Management Systems: Unleash the future of learning for internal and external stakeholders.
  • Live Streaming: Engage your remote workforce or community with town halls or online events. 
  • Event Production: Utilize the expertise of an AV and production team to bring your event to life. 
  • Podcasts: Share your conversations with excellence by utilizing our state-of-the-art studio or remote capabilities.
  • Commercial Campaigns: Move your audience to action with high-impact ads or fundraising videos.
  • Video Series: Share valuable and relevant content to engage your staff and customers.
  • Social Media Content: Boost engagement with event highlights, value-add visuals, or lively reels. 

Can you provide examples of your previous work and client testimonials? 

Check out our Demo Reel to get a taste of our work!

How much does video production cost, and what factors influence the pricing?

Just as each client is unique, every video project is also unique. Each project comes with its own set of variables that impact the cost of production.

We aim to understand our client’s needs and their vision. By taking a customized approach to each project, we craft a personalized plan that fits within their desired budget.

Some of the factors that influence pricing include:

  • Scripting
  • Location scouting and rentals
  • Casting
  • Permits
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Equipment
  • Set design 
  • Editing
  • Sound design
  • Music Licensing
  • Crew time 

Not every project will involve all the factors listed above, and some costs are reduced simply by utilizing a video production company and our access to programs, equipment, and studio space. 

What is the typical timeline for completing a video project from start to finish? 

The timeline for completing a video project can vary significantly based on several factors, including the project’s complexity, scope, and the specific needs of our clients.

Each video production is unique, and we tailor our approach to meet our clients’ specific needs and deadlines. 

Here are some potential timeline considerations to take into account:

Project Type and Complexity:

  • Short Videos: Simple videos like social media clips or short promotional videos may be completed in a matter of days to a few weeks. These projects typically involve minimal scripting, shooting, and editing.
  • Corporate Videos: More complex corporate videos, such as training videos or company profiles, often take several weeks. This allows for scripting, pre-production, filming, and post-production.
  • Ongoing Projects: Some projects, like an ongoing web series, podcast, or content marketing campaign, are continuous and don’t have a fixed completion date. These projects often follow a regular release schedule.

Pre-production and Planning: The time required for pre-production, including scriptwriting, storyboarding, location scouting, casting, and securing permits, can significantly impact the timeline. This phase can range from a few weeks to several months.

Production Duration: The number of shooting days needed depends on the project’s complexity and location. Short videos may be filmed in a day or two, while larger productions can take several weeks of shooting, especially if travel may be involved.

Post-production and Editing: The editing process, including color correction, sound design, and visual effects (if applicable), can range from a few weeks for short videos to several months for feature films or a training series.

Client Collaboration: Client feedback and revisions can also influence the timeline. Timely communication and client collaboration are essential to ensure the project stays on schedule.

Do you handle the entire production process, including scripting, shooting, and editing? 

The DreamOn Studios team takes video production projects from concept to completion while working in collaboration with our clients as an extension of their team. 

For each project, our process remains the same.

  • First, we start with Discovery to get to know the client and their needs. 
  • Then we move into Pre-Production, where we work through all the details to prepare for production. This involves aligning key stakeholders and communicating milestones and strategies. 
  • After everything has been captured and all the assets for the project have been collected, it then moves to Post-Production, where our team dives into the work of the assembly, editing, and sound design.
  • Once complete, projects are submitted for review, feedback, and approval. 
  • If desired, our team can work with clients to promote the finished product to their audience. 

What equipment and technology do you use for video production? 

The one constant in our industry is that technology is always changing. As such, DreamOn Studios works hard to stay updated with the latest technology to serve our clients better.

  • Our world-class studio includes many high-quality pieces of equipment, some of which include Blackmagic Studio Cameras and Aperture lighting systems.
  • Our mobile unit travels with Canon and Sony cameras to off-site locations. 
  • Our post-production team works on Apple computers utilizing the Adobe Creative Suite of post-production software. 

How do you ensure the final video aligns with our brand and messaging? 

Before ever hitting record on the camera, we aim to understand our client’s needs, goals, pain points, and vision.

Our process includes asking intentional questions during our pre-production phase and deeply listening to not just the words you have to say but the heart behind what you have to say.

Once we get into production, we continue collaborating with our clients to ensure alignment, checking in throughout the process. Our goal is for the end product to reflect who you are to your audience. 

Can you assist with distributing and marketing on various platforms?

We love creating videos for our clients, but we always want to make sure those videos serve our client’s goals. Whether you are looking to grow brand awareness, recruit new talent for your team, create ongoing training for your staff, showcase your company’s impact, or inspire people to invest in your community—each goal requires a specific distribution strategy.

At DreamOn Studios, our team can help you process your options and next step strategy to distribute your final product. We also have talented partners who are experts in paid advertising and marketing, and we are happy to connect you with our network of experts in the field.  

What are the rights and ownership of the video content once the project is completed?

Everything we film and create belongs to the client who hired us to create it. We know some agencies take their client’s footage hostage or include significant upcharges to obtain the original footage—that is not our approach. At the end of the day, your story and your final product belong to you.

Do you have experience producing videos in our industry or for similar types of businesses? 

Our expertise is storytelling and video production. As such, we have over 60 years of combined experience helping companies and organizations better tell their story, whatever industry they’re in. Some of the wide range of industries we have served include:

  • Advertising and Marketing  
  • Corporate 
  • Nonprofits 
  • Entertainment 
  • Education 
  • Healthcare 
  • Real Estate 
  • Travel and Tourism 
  • Event Management 
  • Technology 
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail 
  • Government and Public Sector 
  • Hospitality 
  • Automotive 
  • Fashion 
  • Sports and Fitness 
  • Food and Beverage 
  • Environmental and Sustainability 
  • Legal 
  • Art and Culture 

In summary, know that we’re not just a video production company; we’re your creative partner—an extension of your team—here to help bring your vision to life.

We’re dedicated to making your story unforgettable and ensuring every project aligns with your unique brand and goals. If you’re ready to bring your vision to life through video, we’re here to make it a reality! 

Let’s create something together. 

Schedule your discovery call or studio tour to get started!