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Meet Your DreamOn Studios Team (And See Us As Kids!)

Behind The Scenes

Posted by: DreamOn Studios 3 months ago

The DreamOn Studios team loves building relationships with our clients and partnering with them as an extension of their team. For us, we’re not simply interested in producing videos, we’re also passionate about telling stories that move and impact our communities for the better. When clients complement their passion and expertise with our storytelling skills, we can do just that—with multiplied impact!

Who’s your dream team behind the cameras? Check out the latest Meet the Team feature to find out!

Keep reading to discover some of the very first stories we told as kids, the exciting projects we’ve been a part of over the years, and why we want to tell YOUR story. 

Mason Geiger, CEO & Co-Founder 

Mason Geiger started DreamOn Studios with friend and co-founder Matt Deuel. Before partnering with Matt, Mason had been building his career in the heart of Los Angeles. As an award-winning pianist with a deep love for music, one of his first ventures included working with sound effects and ADR at an LA recording studio.

Some of Mason’s most notable projects he worked on include the movie Secretariat, the animated series Electric City with Tom Hanks, and Fox’s hit TV series Bones, among others.

“Some of the first stories I told were with an old-school Macintosh computer,” says Mason. “The big thing was that you could play Oregon Trail on it. Then we got the iMac with iMovie on it. And that was my first moment thinking, hey, I can actually tell a story through this!”

Looking to step away from the fast pace of LA and start a family, Mason returned to Warsaw, Indiana, with a wealth of experience in film, cinematography, and audio engineering. In 2013, he founded his own video production company with the hope of filling a void he saw in the local community for quality video services.

After meeting Matt in 2018 and collaborating on several projects, they officially joined forces in 2021 and formed DreamOn Studios to offer professional production services to their local community and beyond.

“Whenever you’re active in your role and what you’re doing, that’s when the true creativity and fulfillment can happen!” says Mason.

Today, Mason leads DreamOn Studios’ strategy and creativity while creating space and opportunity for the team to excel and grow. With a vision for a world-class production studio in the heart of Warsaw, Mason is proud of what they have built for the community and is excited about the potential to share stories that move into the future.

When Mason is not leading the team at DreamOn Studios, he enjoys cycling and trail running. You’ll often find him pushing his limits in Ironman triathlons or ultra-endurance cycling events. But most of all, he enjoys traveling, exploring, and spending time with his wife and daughter.

Matt Deuel, Executive Producer & Co-Founder 

Matt Deuel started DreamOn Studios with friend and co-founder, Mason Geiger. Before partnering with Mason in 2021, Matt was leading One Voice Media, Inc. to support clients in web and video production. Collaborating with Mason on several projects, they decided to join forces and form DreamOn Studios.

“One of the first videos I created was at a family reunion,” says Matt. “We made it almost like a talk show kind of thing.”

“I do not consider myself to be a desk guy, I love to be on set. I love to be in the studio. I love to be on-site with clients. The thing that keeps me coming back is the connection that I find with people and organizations. I come home excited about the new people that I’ve met and the things that they do.”

Matt brings with him a wealth of experience from his career in television broadcasting, sports production, and entertainment. His involvement in television and sports spans working with CNN, Fox Sports, ESPN, ABC, MTV, NBA on TNT, and Turner Sports, as well as in production for the Atlanta Thrashers and Atlanta Hawks.

Additionally, his work in the entertainment industry gave him the opportunity to be the Associate Producer for the HBO movie Long Gone By, an official selection for the New York Latino Film Festival.

Today, Matt drives end-to-end storytelling that aligns our client’s goals with our creative team’s vision. He is at his best connecting with clients, uncovering their unique stories, and translating them into a creative vision.

Passionate about the opportunity to bring professional studio production to our local community and beyond, Matt is especially excited about putting down roots in Warsaw to help this community thrive. Some of Matt’s best work includes producing the Telly Award-winning docuseries on the Jail Chemical Addiction Program.

When Matt is not producing for DreamOn Studios, he enjoys spending time with his wife and their three kids, especially on road trips.

Courtney France, Client Development Manager

Courtney France joined DreamOn Studios in April 2023 and brings with her a 17+ year career driven by a passion for building community and connections with people from all walks of life.

Her background includes serving on the boards of organizations such as Cardinal Services, Head Start, and Spoonful of Imagination Art Studio; owning award-winning restaurants, including Cerulean, Cerulean Indianapolis, Light Rail Cafe & Roaster, and The Garden; and starting businesses, including Flying Fish Catering, CLF Hospitality, Retail Advising, LLC., Winona Heritage Room, Landing Beer Company, Utopian Coffee + Kitchen, Paoli Creamery, Restaurant & Inn, and Sea Change Studio.

“My background was in social work,” says Courtney. “I love empowering people, doing whatever I can to bring the best out of someone or help them realize the best in themselves.”

With her background in business, nonprofit, and community work, Courtney plays a critical role at DreamOn Studios as our Client Development Manager.

As a communication liaison between our production team and our clients, her strengths are in empathizing and advocating for our client’s needs to bring their vision and story to life. As someone who is always open to new challenges, Courtney enjoys pushing herself to get involved rather than sitting on the sidelines, especially when it comes to building relationships and partnerships that ultimately impact our world for the better.

When Courtney is not building relationships with clients and our team, she loves adventuring with her husband and three kids, playing games, going for a run, and is always up for a good dance party!

Mike Deuel, Lead Editor and Production Manager 

Mike Deuel joined DreamOn Studios in June 2021 after an award-winning, 22-year professional sports video production career. His mastery of video production has won him several awards, including multiple Golden Matrix Awards for directing and producing content for the Atlanta Hawks, as well as two Emmy awards for his work on TNT’s Inside the NBA with Turner Studios.

His sports industry career also includes video production for the Atlanta Thrashers, Atlanta Braves, and Tennessee Titans, where he oversaw post-production and produced live NFL games.

“As kids, we were always doing sketches,” says Mike. “We would edit VCR to VCR, and we had the best time.”

“Creativity is really important to me on every project,” says Mike. “My mind really gets moving hearing other people’s ideas. Ultimately, I want to truly build a relationship with our clients and deliver something special for them.”

Today, Mike leads post-production at DreamOn Studios, where he oversees video editing, graphic design, and motion graphics for clients who want to see their ideas and stories come to life and inspire action. His keen visual eye and impressive skills can take hours of footage and narrow it down to tell a compelling, beautiful story within a few-minute window.

When Mike is not working on video projects, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters and playing games, watching movies, or exploring.

Sophie Olson, Editor and Digital Content Creator

Sophie Olson joined DreamOn Studios to support the team with her video editing and design skills. Graduating with a degree in film and video production, Sophie’s experience includes editing, directing, and producing films and events at Taylor University, including producing the Envision Film Festival for three years as well as the fashion show, FABRICA.

In 2021, she was recognized for Best Editing at the Envision Film Festival and was also awarded a Crystal Pillar for Arts and Entertainment by the Central Great Lakes Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) Emmys.

“The first film that I made was a rendition of Disney’s Tangled shot on my family’s Kodak point-and-shoot,” says Sophie. “I scripted out everything, and I directed it, if you could call it that!”

“I like to try and challenge myself,” says Sophie. “A lot of what my friends are making is what inspires me to learn more and learn how to do things differently.”

Sophie brings her design eye to video editing and behind-the-scenes photography for our clients and also develops our content and graphics for social media. She is an excellent combination of creativity and organization; while she loves to be stretched creatively, she also loves bringing organization and flow to our studio to empower our team’s best work.

You can experience her skills on social media, where she developed our brand style to showcase our talented team.

When Sophie is not working on projects for DreamOn Studios, she enjoys knitting, photography, traveling, and going to concerts.

Stephen Donley, Editor and Production Assistant

Stephen Donley joined DreamOn Studios to support the team with his video editing skills. Graduating with a film degree, Stephen’s experience includes editing, writing, directing, and producing short films during his time at Huntington University.

His short film, Buried, won Best Screenwriting, Best Picture, Best Cinematography, and Best Visual Effects in Huntington University’s Film Awards, and also went on to win third place for Best Short Film in the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters Awards.

“My first YouTube video was a vlog,” says Stephen. “I set up my Toshiba laptop with a webcam. As I was recording, I came up with bits. And I just went for it.”

“If I see a video I like, or I’m listening to a song, or I go for a walk, that’s when ideas flow into my head. It inspires me to work harder. Eventually, I can turn those things into something else that someone else can see.”

Stephen brings an artistic eye to refining a story through video editing until he knows it will inspire others to action. Some of his best work includes a video edit for a story about a young woman who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The result of the video helped her family rally support and raise money to cover their heavy expenses.

When Stephen is not working on projects for DreamOn Studios, he enjoys creating his own video content, as well as drawing, digital art, and character creation.

Jennifer Zaugg, Operations Manager

Jen Zaugg joined DreamOn Studios in October 2021 to support the team in creating efficient systems that keep our business running smoothly (and help us have fun along the way!). Jen brings with her a diverse background in various industries, including large corporate companies, as well as orthopedics and education.

Through her experiences, Jen has developed a range of skills related to team building, cultural growth, and developing and implementing operational procedures that help organizations thrive.

“The biggest thing that I do in my job to help tell stories better is laying some of the groundwork, getting details worked out with the client, and some of the pieces that lead up to the storytelling.”

At DreamOn Studios, she creates and oversees operational systems related to communications, project management, expenses, HR, and even set design. She’s grateful for the opportunity to combine her operations skills and desire to help people and better her community.

When Jen is not maintaining the operations at DreamOn Studios, she enjoys biking, creating, traveling, and supporting her family in whatever fun activity they’re involved in.

Andrew Palladino, Cinematographer & Editor

Andrew Palladino joined DreamOn Studios in June 2021, bringing with him 10+ years of cinematography experience. His background in the entertainment industry includes being the 1st Assistant Camera Operator on the feature film When Icarus Fell, which became an official selection at the South Texas International Film Festival in 2018.

“One of the first story projects I remember working on was a history project showing stories of famous historical events,” says Andrew. “I found all the details I could on the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. I even had a little mustache made out of yarn.”

Today, Andrew supports DreamOn Studios with cinematography and editing while bringing his creative eye for color grading, lighting, and set design to each video production.

Mastering his craft, Andrew tells meaningful, powerful stories about our clients and their impact on the community. Some of his best work includes being part of shooting, editing, and coloring a Telly Award-winning docuseries on the Jail Chemical Addiction Program.

When Andrew is not shooting or editing video, he loves hiking, camping, and disc golfing with his wife, son, and dog. He also might be found playing a game of soccer or a video or board game with friends.

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